Showing Your Appreciation through Awards



A person who made an outstanding contribution to the school, business, clubs, charities and the like are given an award or recognition to show an appreciation to them. Also, someone who won a game or competition is also given an award and recognition to pay all his effort. Custom awards engraved with your logo and message show your appreciation for the good work of the recipient.

Awards come in all shapes and sizes, including traditional trophies, wood trophies, acrylic or crystal awards, watches, custom art pieces and so on and so forth. For custom art pieces, you have to pay for about $2,000. The type of Martin Awards you choose and the price you’re willing to pay depends on the achievement you’ll be recognizing.

Watches, on the other hand are given as service awards. The company logo is usually silkscreened onto the face of the watch. The number of colors for silk screening is from two to four colors depending on the style of the watch. Other custom award items that make good service awards include crystal paperweights and coaster weights. These items are usually etched or engraved with the information of the company and it can also contain the congratulatory message.

Keep your sales force motivated with custom martin awards. It is better to have an engraved message of the award to put an impressive and memorable award than just giving a simple trophy, watch and etc. You also have to consider giving your top sales people with a crystal desk clocks or an acrylic desk clocks. This can show more appreciation to the person and it is more impressive to give. In addition, star shaped trophies are another good way to recognize your star performers.

For winners of sporting events, whether a little league championship or a charity golf tournament, choose sports-themed awards and trophies. Trophies that are Olympic-themed are appropriate for all kinds of events. Golf-themed trophies include awards with images of golfers, drivers, golf balls and the like. Choose awards of varying sizes to recognize the teams who’ve won at different levels of the competition. To learn more about recognition awards, you can go to

Charity donors and volunteers, honoring executive and the like often require more attention to the awards. You need to think carefully for their awards. Elegant awards to consider include exquisitely cut crystal vases, crystal bar sets in a mahogany storage box, crystal eagles, hand formed glass art pieces signed by the artist and so on and so forth. With awards like these, you need to prepare to spend a big amount of money.

These are some awards that you can use in showing appreciation to particular person.


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